Black Russian Terrier Nc

Black Russian Terrier Nc

Black Russian Terrier For Sale

In the Black Russian Terrier, health care is a top priority. The cost of annual vaccinations, flea control, and deworming is significant, but annual expenses are often overlooked. Other expenses include food, grooming, dental care, and training. These expenses can add up to over $1,000 per year but are not prohibitive. Here are a few things to keep in mind. If you’re considering getting a Black Russian Terrier, consider these things first.

Guardian Bear Kennels

If you’re interested in owning a black Russian terrier, consider Oli, a four-year-old black Russian terrier. Oli is owned by Dr. Richard Hawkes, who runs Arendell Animal Hospital in Morehead City, NC. He also owns Guardian Bear Kennels, which is a breeding facility specializing in black Russian terriers. Oli’s success at Westminster is no accident.

Regardless of its size, the Black Russian Terrier is known for its lively temperament and intelligence.

These dogs are excellent companions and family guardians. But they do require a consistent socialization program. And like any other breed, the Black Russian Terrier needs regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. These dogs are good with children, but require plenty of exercises and weekly grooming. This breed needs ample attention to its teeth, nails, and ears.

Located in the coastal region of North Carolina, Guardian Bears Kennel is home to a Black Russian Terrier.

DeAnne Hawkes, a registered nurse, and their husband Dr. Richard Hawkes, a small animal veterinarian, support this venture. Both women have a deep love of animals and are passionate about the Black Russian Terrier. When you visit the Guardian Bears Kennel, you’ll see these two beautiful dogs in a new light.

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