Australian Silky Terrier Breeders Victoria

Australian Silky Terrier Breeders Victoria

Australian Silky Terrier Breeders

When choosing between Australian Silky Terrier breeders in Victoria, make sure you choose a registered breeding facility. These breeders should have health guarantees, as well as reports of parent health tests. This breed is not a lap dog, but rather a lively dynamo. The breed is intelligent, robust, and mischievous with all the characteristics of its larger terrier cousins.

An Australian Silky Terrier is not a lap dog.

They are very active dogs and need daily exercise. Although they are easy-going around the house, they can be noisy and excitable, especially when they hear the doorbell or notice a passing car. A young child can also provoke a Silky terrier to bite and scratch. Australian Silky Terrier breeders in Victoria provide puppies and kittens for sale.

Australian Silky Terriers are small, active dogs with a youthful disposition.

They require plenty of exercises and mental stimulation to remain happy and healthy. These dogs excel in agility, obedience, and earth dog trials. They are well-suited to suburban and country life and need socialization at an early age. However, if raised with children, they may not be the best choice for small families with small children.


In 1890, Silky Terrier breeders in Victoria had a hard time defining their dog’s appearance. Many people believed that they were the most beautiful breed of dog, and they were often called the “best coat in the world”. However, a new breed standard was developed in 1904 by the Victorian Poultry and Kennel Club. The Victorian breed standard adopted the English Yorkshire Terrier standard and allowed pricked and dropped ears.

Before You Purchase an Australian Silky Terrier

There are several problems with the Australian Silky Terrier, but there is no reason to let these concerns deter you from purchasing one. A Silky Terrier has long, strong back and almond-shaped eyes. If these features are missing, it might be a sign of a genetic defect, and breeding for such a terrier in a family environment may be more difficult.


A Silky Terrier requires grooming. It is a very glamorous breed of dog and enjoys regular grooming sessions, especially when young. Bathing, brushing, combing, and trimming nails is essential to keep this breed in tip-top shape. It should be bathed at least twice a year, but it is best to visit a groomer on occasion. Although the coat of a Silky is thin, it is very easy to penetrate dirt.

A Silky Terrier’s undescended testicles are one of its potential health issues.

It may develop testicular cancer in the future. This can also result from an autoimmune process. If this disease develops, signs will include increased thirst and unexplained weight loss. Fortunately, diabetes is treatable, but the symptoms must be diagnosed and managed. A trained vet can help you determine if your dog has diabetes and the best treatment.

Proper Grooming Related To Health

Australian Silkies have many health risks and require proper grooming to keep them healthy. They are prone to tooth decay and tartar, so it is important to brush their teeth regularly from a young age. These dogs require occasional nail clipping, as their nails are often black and opaque, obscuring their nerves and blood supply. A trained veterinary nurse or groomer should be able to clip the nails.

Many breed standards aren’t as specific as those for purebred dogs. To determine which breed standard is best, talk to a local breeder. They will be able to provide you with the standards for the breed. If you aren’t sure what these standards are, the breed club will be able to help. It is also worth visiting a breeder’s website to learn more about the breed.

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